Drew Thomas headshot

About Drew Thomas

Designer | Developer | Entrepreneur | Investor | No-code consultant

Agency co-founder

In 2003, at 19 years old, I co-founded Brolik, a design and marketing agency with clients like McDonalds, Berkshire Hathaway, and Nationwide Insurance.


Today, in addition to independent consulting as Work and Whistle, I focus on three businesses: No Code List, Really Simple Store, and Joustlist. I also run a mobile app called Yesterdays Weather.

No-code enthusiast

I'm obsessed with building the right things in an efficient way, which has led me into the world of no-code, something I'm passionate about bringing into every modern business. I run the No Code List, which keeps me right in the center of the quickly-growing no-code community.


I also dabble in investing, and I'm a proud investor in Inside, Xero Shoes, and Commerce.AI.


I’m based in Austin, TX, but my clients are everywhere.