Automated Email List

A “no code” Email setup that warms leads automatically

Most businesses have an email list that isn’t earning them money or helping with growth. Are you taking full advantage of your direct line into potential customers’ inboxes?

I’ll set you up with a clean email list, from a modern email service, with an automated set of thoughtful introduction emails (to warm up cold leads). I’ll also help you add effective sign up forms to your website and marketing. Finally, I’ll leave you with a simple process to share and educate (rather than sell) once a month, and it should take only a few hours to write each month.

When done right, email lists drive revenue. If you aren’t creating additional revenue through an email list, this service is a way to fix that, today. Pay one time and benefit forever.


This package costs $2,000 and takes 1 week.


Automated Email List