How Long?


How Much?

$2,000 per week

For what?

Read on…


Have you hired consultants before? I might be a little different.

Open-ended, hourly billing and reports that add to your workload are not my style. I bill by the week. If you hire me for a week, I’m working on your business, thinking about your business, and producing value for you that week.

I don’t work a minimum or maximum number of hours, but I produce a minimum value each week (and hopefully more).

Some of my past consulting has included…

  • Creating an online registration site and administrative backend for a national dance convention

  • Building a Shopify store with purchase-to-download automation for a fun educational brand

  • Building a Shopify store and some marketing for a fashion brand

  • Building a custom product search web app for a B2B manufacturer

My clients are usually established or newly successful businesses that want to make smart tech and marketing decisions without wasting time in the wrong areas.

Read about me, Drew Thomas

If you’re wondering if this would work, feel free to email me and ask questions. I’m not pushy, and I’ll happily tell you if we’re not a good fit.

Otherwise, fill out this form or email me directly, and we can start talking next steps! I look forward tackling your business challenges, and I’d love to hear what’s keeping you up.