Drew Thomas

I help modern small businesses become super businesses.

Modern small business owners get a shocking amount done with minimal resources. How? They take advantage of web-based services and apps to build, automate, connect, and monitor their business. They supplement their human expertise with the power of technology.

There’s an entire industry built around streamlining business operations, and the impact is so large that if you’re not taking advantage yourself, you’ll either quickly lose to competitors who are, or you’ll never get off the ground.

Fortunately, implementing these tools and processes is easier than you probably think… and I’m here to help.

Here are some things to think about…

  • You could look insanely professional for less money by using Squarespace for your website and paying a UX designer instead of a developer.

  • You could save time, improve retention, and warm up leads by sending automatic emails, triggered by specific actions people take.

  • There could be third-party or open source software we can tweak to fix your most annoying, expensive process problems.


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I’ve created some “packaged services” with a fixed price and fixed scope. They’re a great way to get started on improving your business.

Imagining the possibilities?

I also do custom consulting, where I help with solutions completely unique to your business and needs. Email me to get in touch →


Packaged Services

I’ve packaged common services into standardized “products” that will benefit your business in as little as a week. Each offering is custom and implemented by a human (me), but they’re offered in a standardized way that’s optimized to be straightforward and effective for busy small business owners.


professional appearance

Using Squarespace, we’ll get you set up with a beautiful, effective, and updatable website foundation that will grow with you for years… maybe forever.

One Week Squarespace Website →

Automated Outreach

We’ll implement a simple, valuable email list with an automated “drip” campaign that introduces your business and service after someone signs up.

Simple, Valuable Automated Email List →

Cross-Channel Efficiency

We’ll connect your Shopify store to Facebook and Instagram, so you can sell directly through each channel and help customers in real-time through Facebook Messenger.

Shopify × Social Integrations →

Custom Consulting

I offer remote custom consulting, in weekly blocks.

My favorite thing to do is design custom workflows that help a specific business get an edge.

Rates start at $2,000 per week.

To find out what we can do together, email me a little about your business →



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