The One-Week Squarespace Website

An expensive website for cheap


How Long?

1 Week

How Much?


But What if?

Money-back guarantee


Platforms like Squarespace and Shopify make it easy and cost-effective to produce beautiful and effective, expensive looking websites for cheap.

If you use a platform like Squarespace to build your website, you’re on your own… without the experience and advice of a web design professional.

Solid professionals are not cheap, but hiring the wrong professional is even more costly. Most businesses spend the necessary $10,000 to $50,000 required to hire a pro.

Consider this instead: I help businesses create expensive-looking, effective, updatable, and custom websites in a fast and efficient way where we both win.

Even better, you can completely update and supplement your website over time without ever writing code or knowing what a server is.

I take advantage of Squarespace’s platform and time saving features, but I use my decades of web design and UX experience to deliver exactly what you need.

This service works best for…

  • Small or local businesses that need to look professional

  • Modern businesses that value efficiency

  • Bootstrapped startups

  • Businesses that recognize the value of a web presence but only have basic website needs

  • Almost any business that’s just starting out

This Service is not for…

  • Businesses with complicated website needs

  • Ecommerce businesses

  • Businesses with a ton of content/pages

  • Businesses that rely on website integrations

how it works…

  • We talk on the phone or over email

  • We create a general outline of pages and content

  • We talk about aesthetics

  • I build a beautiful, fully-functioning website using Squarespace

  • I transfer ownership to you

  • I give you PDF guides on updating your site

  • You edit and finish content at your leisure

  • We take it live whenever you’re ready (can be as fast as one week)

You get a website that’s…

  • Technically effective (SEO)

  • Updatable (CMS)

  • Beautiful and responsive (works on all devices)

  • Lead-focused (your website should generate leads)

  • Only $2,000 (plus Squarespace’s fee of ~$12/month)

  • Done and live in one week


Fill this out, and I’ll email you to get started!


Get value or get your money back

If we do this and it’s not what you expected, I’ll give you your money back. I won’t start a site that I don’t think I can deliver, so it shouldn’t come to this, but if it does, I want you to know it’s all good.