The Organic Marketing Starter Kit

Are you ready to move beyond Facebook and Google Ads?


How Long?

~2 Weeks

How Much?


But What if?

Money-back guarantee


Your marketing is less effective than you’d like.

You’re unsure of what to do beyond paid advertising, but you need to see better results.

Maybe you’ve tried a couple paid marketing firms. Maybe you’ve tried content marketing. Paid marketing is quickly becoming less effective, and creating video and blog posts is easier said than done. But there has to be something that gets results and is doable besides paid ads… right?

Let’s assess your business together, explore your organic marketing opportunities, and talk about a plan of action.

I call this package the Organic Marketing Starter Kit because we’ll focus on a solid foundation and some initial opportunities to look into. We’ll tailor it to your business and your audience, because that’s what organic marketing is all about.

How it works

  1. You tell me about your business and current marketing through a series of five quick surveys

  2. We talk through email or Slack over the following week or so

  3. I write a report that addresses your organic marketing foundation and organic marketing opportunities, with steps and guides to execute on everything

  4. We discuss the report in as much detail as you’d like

Not all teams are the same

As we talk (just you or your whole marketing team), I’ll get a feel for your business’s marketing style, strengths, and weaknesses. This heavily informs my thinking, so I’ll only give you relevant recommendations that are realistic for your team to implement.




- Or -

Fill this out, and I’ll email you to get started!


Get value or get your money back

If we do this and it’s not what you expected, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.