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(Integrate shopping and customer service through FB and Insta)


How Long?

~1 Week

How Much?


But What if?

Money-back guarantee

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If you’re active on social media and have a Shopify store, you can greatly benefit from a few social integrations that Shopify makes available.

By connecting your business’s Facebook and Instagram accounts and setting a few things up, you can instantly sell on either platform directly (less work = more sales) and communicate with customers, in real-time, through Facebook Messenger (faster help = more sales)!

Using Shopify as the “hub” means that all of your products, orders, and inventory are managed together in the dashboard you’re already used to.

These integrations are offered for free (Shopify is 💯), with no ongoing costs, once you set them up. I can do that part for you! My one-time fee is $500, and I’ll:

  • Add a shop tab to your Facebook page, integrated with your Shopify products and collections

  • Enable Instagram product tagging, synced with Shopify through that Facebook shop

  • Integrate with Facebook Messenger for a live chat button, customer notifications through Messenger, and a Messenger shopping bot

If you spend time on your social media presence, you should be leveraging that work to make more money!


If this sounds great, let’s do it! After paying, you’ll get an email with a few questions, and we can get started right away.

Or, if you prefer, we can start over email...


If you have questions before you commit, or if you want to know if this will make sense for you and your store, please email me!


Get value or get your money back

If we do this and you don’t get value from it, I’ll give you your money back.