Professionally Built Squarespace Website

A “no code” base you can launch right away or build on

My Squarespace websites come finished but as-is, with video and written instructions for maintaining and building on them yourself.

This package is made for people who appreciate the power and flexibility of updating their own website, but who don't want to spend time or make mistakes building it out themselves.

Squarespace is an amazing modern tool that allows us to create beautiful and high functioning websites in weeks, not months. Anyone can build on their platform, including non-developers, but creating the initial foundation is both challenging and critical.

Join me and embrace a "no code" future by running your website on Squarespace, but have it built by a professional.

By standardizing my Squarespace offering into three payment tiers- Foundation, Finished Site, and Fully Custom- I've made it even easier to build an effective website in a fast and efficient way.


(Optional) Answer these questions to see what Tier your project requires…

See the Pen Squarespace Package Pricing Questions by Drew Thomas (@truedrew) on CodePen.


Squarespace Website


Up to 5 pages

Customized template design

Lorum ipsum for content

Placeholder images

No blog-style sections

Squarespace email list


Finished Site

Up to 12 pages

Customized template design

Your prewritten content

Your images

1 blog-style section

Third-party email list


Fully Custom

Unlimited pages

Custom design

Content planning and writing

Custom imagery

Unlimited blog-style sections

Third-party email list

$4,000 - $10,000


To get started or discuss a potential project, fill out the form below or email me. I’m not pushy, and I won’t add your email to any kind of marketing funnel. We’ll just see if Squarespace (and me) will work for your project.